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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Modelling in Management


Volume 11 issue 3
Potential carbon emission abatement cost recovery from carbon emission trading in China
Ke Wang, Yujiao Xian, Jieming Zhang, Yi Li, Linan Che

Highly commended

Volume 11 issue 2
The effects of service quality on student loyalty: the mediating role of student satisfaction
Subrahmanyam Annamdevula, Raja Shekhar Bellamkonda

Volume 11 issue 2
Facilitating organisational decision making: a change risk assessment model case study
Charalampos Apostolopoulos, George Halikias, Krikor Maroukian, Georgios Tsaramirsis

Volume 11 issue 3
A strategy model - better performance through improved strategy work
Ole Friis, Jens Holmgren, Jacob Kj

Outstanding reviewers

Meng Li
Rong-Gang Cong