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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting


Volume 14 issue 1
Fair value accounting and the financial crisis: a literature-based analysis
Elisa Menicucci, Guido Paolucci

Highly commended

Volume 14 issue 2
How to measure country-level financial reporting quality?
Qingliang Tang, Huifa Chen, Zhijun Lin

Volume 14 issue 1
Profit-sharing investment accounts in islamic banks or mutualization, accounting perspective
Wasim K. AlShattarat, Muhannad A. Atmeh

Volume 14 issue 2
Detecting fraudulent financial reporting using financial ratio
Emie Famieza Zainudin, Hafiza Aishah Hashim

Outstanding reviewers

Sameh Kobbi Fakhfakh
Nejia Moumen