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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

The IMP Journal


Volume 10 issue 3
Wroe Alderson, IMP and the evolution of theory
Lars-Erik Gadde, Kajsa Hulth

Volume 10 issue 3
"Methodomania"? On the methodological and theoretical challenges of IMP business research
Håkan Håkansson, Alexandra Waluszewski

Highly commended

Volume 10 issue 2
Clustering or interacting for knowledge?
Jens Ola Eklinder-Frick

Volume 10 issue 2
State actors' mobilisation of resources for innovation: a case study of a Chinese vaccine
Tommy Shih, Åse Linné

Volume 10 issue 2
Bridging gaps between policies for sustainable markets and market practices
Lars-Gunnar Mattsson