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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

European Journal of Marketing


Volume 50 issue 11
How to use C-OAR-SE to design optimal standard measures
John R. Rossiter

Volume 50 issue 11
Welcome to the desert of the real: reality, realism, measurement, and C-OAR-SE
Nick Lee, John Cadogan

Volume 50 issue 11
Measurement in the social sciences: where C-OAR-SE delivers and where it does not
Thomas Salzberger, Marko Sarstedt, Adamantios Diamantopoulos

Volume 50 issue 11
The role of C-OAR-SE in marketing measurement
Lars Bergkvist

Highly commended

Volume 50 issue 5/6
Good times, bad times: the stock market performance of firms that own high value brands
Kevin Voss, Mayoor Mohan

Volume 50 issue 3/4
How alternative consumer markets can build community resiliency
Lucie K. Ozanne, Julie L. Ozanne

Volume 50 issue 5/6
International market selection and export performance: a transaction cost analysis
Xinming He, Zhibin Lin, Yingqi Wei

Volume 50 issue 12
Commitment to marketing spending through recessions
Imran S. Currim, Jooseop Lim, Yu Zhang

Volume 50 issue 11
The impact of advertising on children's psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction
Suzanna J. Opree, Moniek Buijzen, Eva A. van Reijmersdal

Outstanding reviewers

Fernando Jimenez
Thomas Salzberger
Amélie Guèvremont
Hauke Wetzel