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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Career Development International


Volume 21 issue 2
Mindfulness at work: resource accumulation, well-being, and attitudes
Suzanne Zivnuska, K. Michele Kacmar, Merideth Ferguson, Dawn S. Carlson

Highly commended

Volume 21 issue 5
Job crafting and motivation to continue working beyond retirement age
Philipp Wolfgang Lichtenthaler, Andrea Fischbach

Volume 21 issue 1
Development idiosyncratic deals and career success
Sylvie Guerrero, Hélène Jeanblanc, Marisol Veilleux

Volume 21 issue 7
"A whole new future" - identity construction among disadvantaged young adults
Jessie Koen, Annelies Van Vianen, Ute-Christine Klehe, Jelena Zikic

Outstanding reviewers

Ans De Vos
Gayle Baugh
Carol Flinchbaugh
Denis Morin