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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Baltic Journal of Management


Volume 11 issue 4
Preserving prerequisites for innovation
Heidi Olander, Mika Vanhala, Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Kirsimarja Blomqvist

Highly commended

Volume 11 issue 2
Network competence in Finnish SMEs: implications for growth
Lasse Torkkeli, Olli Kuivalainen, Sami Saarenketo, Kaisu Puumalainen

Volume 11 issue 2
Growth aspirations among women entrepreneurs in high growth firms
Oxana Bulanova, Espen John Isaksen, Lars Kolvereid

Volume 11 issue 1
Job satisfaction, blat and intentions to leave among blue-collar employees in contemporary Russia
Evgeniya Balabanova, Azer Efendiev, Mats Ehrnrooth, Alexei Koveshnikov

Outstanding reviewers

Rotem Shneor
Tiia Vissak