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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Review of Accounting and Finance


Volume 14 issue 1
A quantile regression analysis on corporate governance and the cost of bank loans: a research note
Wuchun Chi, Huichi Huang, Hong Xie

Highly commended

Volume 14 issue 3
The role of CEO inside debt holdings in corporate pension funding status
Yin Yu-Thompson, Seong Yeon Cho, Liang Fu

Volume 14 issue 1
Earnings smoothing around open-market share repurchases
Hui Di, Dalia Marciukaityte

Volume 14 issue 2
Information asymmetry around S&P 500 index changes
Rahul Ravi, Youna Hong

Outstanding reviewers

Shreesh Deshpande
Gun-Ho Joh