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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Qualitative Research in Financial Markets


Volume 7 issue 4
Private ethical fund investors across countries and time: a survey-based review
Anett Wins, Bernhard Zwergel

Highly commended

Volume 7 issue 4
Fund manager trust and information complexity
Johan Henningsson, Ulf Johanson, Roland Almqvist

Volume 7 issue 3
Teleinvestmentevangelists: celebrity, ritual and religion and the quest to "beat the market"
Douglas E Allen, Mary Keller, Elton (Skip) McGoun

Volume 7 issue 3
Investor communication in equity-based crowdfunding: a qualitative-empirical study
Alexandra Moritz, Joern Block, Eva Lutz

Volume 7 issue 1
Agency and stewardship attitudes of chief financial officers in private companies
Martin R. W. Hiebl

Outstanding reviewer

Lukasz Prorokowski