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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Microelectronics International


Volume 32 issue 2
3D system-in-package design using stacked silicon submount technology
Mingzhi Dong, Fabio Santagata, Robert Sokolovskij, Jia Wei, Cadmus Yuan, Guoqi Zhang

Highly commended

Volume 32 issue 1
Integrated hygro-swelling and thermo-mechanical behavior of mold compound for MEMS package during reflow after moisture preconditioning
Jae B. Kwak, Seungbae Park

Volume 32 issue 1
Microfabrication of Si3N4-polyimide membrane for thermo-pneumatic actuator
Norihan Abdul Hamid, J. Yunas, B. Yeop Majlis, A.A. Hamzah, B. Bais

Volume 32 issue 2
Design, fabrication and characterization of dielectrophoretic microelectrode array for particle capture
M.R. Buyong, J. Yunas, A.A. Hamzah, B. Yeop Majlis, F. Larki, N. Abd Aziz

Volume 32 issue 2
A comparative analysis of printing techniques by using an active concentric ring electrode for bioelectrical recording
Eduardo Garcia-Breijo, Gema Prats-Boluda, Jose Vicente Lidon-Roger, Yiyao Ye-Lin, Javier Garcia-Casado

Outstanding reviewers

Dr R. Joseph Daniel
Dr Lei Shao