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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice


Volume 1 issue 3
Mass shootings in Australia and the United States, 1981-2013
Frederic Lemieux, Samantha Bricknell, Tim Prenzler

Highly commended

Volume 1 issue 1
Domestic abuse victims' perceptions of abuse and support: a narrative study
Elizabeth Spruin, Emma Alleyne, Ioanna Papadaki

Volume 1 issue 2
The NICHD protocol: a review of an internationally-used evidence-based tool for training child forensic interviewers
David La Rooy, Sonja P Brubacher, Anu Aromäki-Stratos, Mireille Cyr, Irit Hershkowitz, Julia Korkman, Trond Myklebust, Makiko Naka, Carlos E. Peixoto,

Volume 1 issue 1
Exploring police-resident racial equality and violent crime
Victoria A. Sytsma

Outstanding reviewers

Dr David Baker
Dr Carrie L. Buist