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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Consumer Marketing


Volume 32 issue 4
Mother-adolescent daughter identity interplay processes
Stephanie Gillison, Alexa Martinez Givan, Sharon E Beatty, Kyoungmi (Kate) Kim, Kristy Reynolds, Julie Baker

Highly commended

Volume 32 issue 6
Spreading joy: examining the effects of smiling models on consumer joy and attitudes
Hanna Berg, Magnus Söderlund, Annika Lindström

Volume 32 issue 6
How products induce regulatory fit: evidence from the health domain
Adilson Borges, Pierrick Gomez

Volume 32 issue 4
Perceived health and taste ambivalence in food consumption
Harri Luomala, Maijastiina Jokitalo, Hannu Karhu, Hanna-Leena Hietaranta-Luoma, Anu Hopia, Sanna Hietamäki

Outstanding reviewers

Claas Christian Germelmann
Bernadette Kamleitner