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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management


Volume 32 issue 1
Improving the quality of environmental management: impact on shareholder value
Rose Sebastianelli, Nabil Tamimi, Kathleen Iacocca

Highly commended

Volume 32 issue 7
Improving risk evaluation in FMEA with a hybrid multiple criteria decision making method
Hu-Chen Liu, Jian-Xin You, Xue-Feng Ding, Qiang Su

Volume 32 issue 4
An institutional theory of quality outcomes in strategic supply chain partnership
Mahour Mellat-Parast

Volume 32 issue 5
Availability modeling of repairable systems using Markov system dynamics simulation
Srinivasa Rao M., V.N.A Naikan