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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow


Volume 25 issue 6
Hybrid numerical methods combining discretized multidimensional and segmented-quasi-one-dimensional models for simulating thermofluid systems
Alexandre Lamoureux, Bantwal R. (Rabi) Baliga

Highly commended

Volume 25 issue 5
An improved turbulence model for predicting unsteady cavitating flows in centrifugal pump
Jian Wang, Yong Wang, Houlin Liu, Haoqin Huang, Linglin Jiang

Volume 25 issue 6
FEM for the 3-D analysis of conjugate conduction-convection heat transfer in cross-flow micro heat exchangers
Carlo Nonino, Stefano Savino, Stefano Del Giudice

Volume 25 issue 6
Finite element dynamical subgrid-scale model for low Mach number flows with radiative heat transfer
Matias Avila, R Codina, Javier Principe

Outstanding reviewers

Ioan Pop
Andrew Rees
S. Abbasbandy