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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Health Education


Volume 115 issue 1
Parents' attitudes toward comprehensive and inclusive sexuality education
Christina R. Peter, Timothy B. Tasker, Stacey S. Horn

Highly commended

Volume 115 issue 1
Sexuality education: implications for health, equity, and social justice in the United States
John P. Elia, Jessica Tokunaga

Volume 115 issue 2
Associations between grades and physical activity and food choices
Anastasia Snelling, Sarah Irvine Belson, Jonathan Beard, Kathleen Young

Volume 115 issue 3/4
Relationships between students’ mental health and their perspectives of life at school
Helen Askell-Williams, Michael J. Lawson

Outstanding reviewers

Van Teijlingen, Edwin
Yuan, Yanfei