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Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Critical perspectives on international business


Volume 11 issue 3/4
A reconceptualisation of social value creation as social constraint alleviation
Noemi Sinkovics, Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Samia Ferdous Hoque, Laszlo Czaban

Highly commended

Volume 11 issue 1
Localize or local lies? The power of language and translation in the multinational corporation
Minna Logemann, Rebecca Piekkari

Volume 11 issue 2
Wall Street women: professional saviors of the global economy
Melissa Fisher

Volume 11 issue 2
Showing them the door (nicely): rejection discourses and practices of a global elite
Francois Goxe, Nathalie Belhoste

Outstanding reviewers

Jens Gammelgaard
Stefan Schmid