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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

The Electronic Library


Volume 32 issue 6
Exposing scholarly information as Linked Open Data: RDFizing DSpace contents
Nikolaos Konstantinou, Dimitrios-Emmanuel Spanos, Nikos Houssos, Nikolaos Mitrou

Highly commended

Volume 32 issue 4
An evaluation of the functionality and accessibility of e-readers for individuals with print disabilities
Laurie J. Bonnici, Stephanie L. Maatta

Volume 32 issue 2
Design and implementation of a weighted features model for the evaluation of archival websites
Isabel María Sanz Caballero, Cristina Faba Pérez

Volume 32 issue 1
Towards dynamic and evolving digital libraries
Chern Li Liew

Outstanding reviewers

Hsin-liang Chen
Laura Waugh