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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Sensor Review


Volume 34 issue 1
Automatic measuring and processing system of audio sensing for real-time arc height control of pulsed GTAW
Na Lv, Jiyong Zhong, Jifeng Wang, Shanben Chen

Highly commended

Volume 34 issue 4
Flexible biosensor using inkjet printing of silver nanoparticles
Ali Benvidi, Vahid Mottaghitalab, Zahra Abadi, Mansour Bidoki

Volume 34 issue 2
Microwave sensors for the non-invasive monitoring of industrial and medical applications
O. Korostynska, A. Mason, A. Al-Shamma'a

Volume 34 issue 2
Embedded carbon nanotube thread piezoresistive strain sensor performance
Vesselin Shanov, Yi Song, Mark Schulz, Adam Hehr