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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics


Volume 7 issue 3
A pediatric robotic thumb exoskeleton for at-home rehabilitation
Patrick Aubin, Kelsey Petersen, Hani Sallum, Conor Walsh, Annette Correia, Leia Stirling

Highly commended

Volume 7 issue 2
Implicit memory-based technique in solving dynamic scheduling problems through Response Surface Methodology
Manuel Blanco Abello, Zbigniew Michalewicz

Volume 7 issue 3
Characterizing the human-robot haptic dyad in robot therapy of stroke survivors
Jacopo Zenzeri, Valentina Squeri, Dalia De Santis, Pietro Morasso, Maura Casadio, Lorenzo Masia

Volume 7 issue 1
Parallelization and sustainability of distributed genetic algorithms on many-core processors
Yuji Sato, Mikiko Sato

Outstanding reviewer

Yin Wang