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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Accounting & Information Management


Volume 22 issue 3
The role of board gender on the profitability of insider trading
Allan Hodgson, Tian Zhong, Lee J. Yao, Robert Faff

Highly commended

Volume 22 issue 4
ERP system implementation announcements: does the market cheer or jeer the adopters and vendors?
Sapan Patnaik, Han Donker, D. Ajit

Volume 22 issue 3
Investigating security investment impact on firm performance
Ranjit Bose, Xin (Robert) Luo

Volume 22 issue 4
Mobile social networking application viability: a research framework
Chuan-Hoo Tan, Jan Ondrus, Juliana Sutanto, Chee Wei Phang

Outstanding reviewers

Jian Ming
Gin Chong