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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal


Volume 23 issue 2
Progress or repetition? Gender perspectives in disaster management in Japan
Yoko Saito

Highly commended

Volume 23 issue 3
Framing disaster resilience
Paulina Aldunce, Mark Howden, Ruth Beilin, John Handmer

Volume 23 issue 5
Contextualising typologies of environmentally induced population movement
Robert Stojanov, Ilan Kelman, Shawn Shen, Barbora Duží, Himani Upadhyay, Dmytro Vikhrov, G.J. Lingaraj, Arabinda Mishra

Volume 23 issue 1
Karen I. Sudmeier-Rieux

Outstanding reviewer

David Alexander