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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Career Development International


Volume 19 issue 2
Understanding the role of networking in organizations
M. Ronald Buckley, Carter Gibson, Jay H. Hardy III

Highly commended

Volume 19 issue 7
Religiousness in times of job insecurity: job demand or resource?
Nele De Cuyper, Hetty van Emmerik, Bert Schreurs, Eva Demerouti, Machteld van den Heuvel, Tahira Probst

Volume 19 issue 4
Examining the interactive effects of accountability, politics, and voice
Gerald R. Ferris, B. Parker Ellen III, Wayne A. Hochwarter

Volume 19 issue 4
The gender gap in pre-career salary expectations: a test of five explanations
Lisa K.J. Kuron, Eddy S.W. Ng, Linda Schweitzer, Sean Lyons

Outstanding reviewers

Deborah O'Neil
Sherry Sullivan