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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Assembly Automation


Volume 34 issue 1
Shape memory technology for active assembly/disassembly: fundamentals, techniques and example applications
L. Sun, W.M. Huang, H.B. Lu, C.C. Wang, J.L. Zhang

Highly commended

Volume 34 issue 2
Single camera-based synchronisation within a concept of robotic assembly in motion
Yu Cai, Robert Schmitt

Volume 34 issue 3
Automatic disassembly navigation for accurate virtual assembly path planning
Wanbin Pan, Peng Du, Yigang Wang

Volume 34 issue 2
A new methodology to evaluate the performance of physics simulation engines in haptic virtual assembly
James M. Ritchie, Theodore Lim, Hugo I. Medellin-Castillo, Germanico Gonzalez-Badillo, Samir Garbaya, Raymond C.W. Sung