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How to... write a journal proposal

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By Margaret Adolphus


In the twenty-first century, the journal still remains one of the most popular methods of scholarly communication.

It presents an opportunity to publish, within a particular academic community, research contributions of a few thousand words, which, in an age of electronic databases, can also be picked up by a keyword search.

As a new researcher, you probably spent quite a bit of time and energy trying to get your articles published. Now, perhaps, you are an experienced scholar, fine-tuned to the particular movements and developments within your chosen discipline, and you have become aware of an area ripe for development, or one you think needs to be covered with a different slant.

Writing a good journal proposal requires considerable effort, but then so does launching a journal. Proposal writing will help you clarify the journal's mission and goals – which should be a great help when you are ready to solicit articles as you will have a good idea of what you want, and where to go to get it.