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Winning research funding

Your step-by-step guide to winning research funding

By Abby Day
[email protected]

This six-part adaptation is presented by Emerald as part of its continuous relationship with academic researchers and writers around the world. We already provide information to help researchers to publish with Emerald for Authors.

What's in each section?

  1. Shaping your funding strategy
    Managing luck
    Collaboration and community

  2. What are funders looking for?
    The value of research
    Outputs and outcomes

  3. Finding potential funders
    Governments and research councils
    Charities and corporations

  4. Assessing needs
    A stakeholder analysis
    Knowing their needs before they do

  5. Writing your research proposal
    The top ten tips
    A checklist for success

  6. Nurturing your research relationship
    Monitoring, measuring and repeating your success
    Research and beyond
This exclusive series, written by Abby Day, is based on her book, Winning Research Funding, published by Gower/Ashgate, 2003.