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Winning proposal summary

"Knowledge management adoption in Mexico: Identification of practices and barriers, and development of an applicable methodological tool"


Image: Kuan Yew Wong
Kuan Yew Wong
, PhD (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)

Image: David J. Delgado-Hernandez
David J. Delgado-Hernandez
, PhD (Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Mexico)

Image: Nelly Rigaud-Tellez
Nelly Rigaud-Tellez
, MEng (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico)

Image: Sonia De la Torre
Sonia De la Torre
(Federal Electricity Commission, Mexico)


This project aims to examine and explore the needs, characteristics, practices, problems and barriers of adopting KM in a Latin American country, i.e. Mexico. The investigation of these elements is crucial for enriching the theories and fundamentals of KM, promoting its understanding and dissemination among Mexican organisations, and providing a basis from which a well-suited adoption approach can be constructed.  Based on a systematic analysis of the investigation results, a new applicable methodological tool for implementing KM will be developed. This signifies an effort to develop an implementation approach which is specifically tailored to the Mexican context. Having such a methodological tool is important for several reasons. First, it acts as a roadmap that gives guidance on how to implement KM. Particularly, it provides well-defined steps and constructs for organisations to follow. Second, it offers a common language for practitioners to communicate and discuss KM issues. Third, it helps to determine the scope of KM initiatives because it encompasses the phases and activities to be addressed. Fourth, as an assessment tool, it helps practitioners to determine if they have covered all the relevant issues pertaining to KM implementation. Finally, and most importantly, a methodological tool is needed to support and facilitate the implementation process in order to ensure its success.