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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business and Management

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Modelling in Management

Special Issue Call for Papers Journal of Modelling in Management

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business and Management
Guest Editors:

Davide La Torre – [email protected]
SKEMA Business School, France

Fouad Ben Abdelaziz – [email protected]
NEOMA Business School, France

Herb Kunze – [email protected]
University of Guelph, Canada

Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné - [email protected]
SKEMA Business School, France


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by computers. Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI where algorithms are used to learn from data to make future decisions or predictions. Current trends in AI and ML are: Reinforcement learning, Ethics in AI, Quantum computing, Convergence of AI and other emerging technologies, Facial recognition, Biased data, Neural networks, Socio-economic models, Deep learning, Privacy and policy.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are drawing considerable attention these days. An already large and fast-growing literature covers a wide range of real or soon-to-materialize applications, from dealing with autism and detecting breast cancer to selecting job candidates, setting legal sanctions, and deciding upon conditional liberations. So much so that managers, among many others, are now in need of a compass that would allow them to navigate lucidly through the hype. This issue will seek to provide such a compass and include novel developments or innovative ways of applying AI and ML techniques to business. It will cover most generic managerial tasks, assessing for each one the extent of the support AI and ML can bring and the consequences on managerial practice. This issue will also provide case study and guidance on how managers and management teachers should apprehend AI and ML, and draw the attention of management scholars and researchers on what will be rigorously argued to be core issues. Attention will also be devoted to future developments and implementations as well as implications for new job opportunities.


-    Innovative algorithms and methods of AI and ML in business and applications, including automation, data analytics, and natural language processing.
-    Integration of AI and ML tech and solution into business processes
-    Customer profiling
-    Marketing segmentation
-    Fraud analysis
-    Marketing messaging
-    Financial forecasting
-    Fashion design
-    Personalized advertising
-    Sentiment analysis
-    Organizational and team design
-    Human resource management
-    Motivation, job design, training
-    Knowledge management
-    Leadership
-    Ethics


Submission and deadline information:

All submissions to be made via the Journal of Modelling in Management Scholar One site The author guidelines for the journal can be found here.
Final date for submissions: 31 January 2021