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Firearms: Research on Violence, Safety and Culture

Guest Editor:

Robert J. Cramer, Ph.D., Old Dominion University, [email protected]

Submission deadline: October 15, 2018

Firearms: Research on Violence, Safety and Culture

Firearm research is currently addressed in literature in terms of criminal justice and military-related topics such as suicide prevention and domestic violence. Topics include firearm-related attitudes, storage practices, and limited policy evaluation. However, much is lacking in terms of understanding firearms culture/cultural competence, policy-related evaluation, causal links and pathways to violence.

This special issue is looking to publish research in the following areas:

·         Community-engaged research with firearms groups to understand and articulate firearms culture and cultural competence.

·         Careful, well-designed firearm-related policy evaluations.

·         Novel approaches to understanding correlates and causal pathways in firearm-related interpersonal violence and suicide.

·         New public health and mental health approaches to understanding all forms of firearm-related violence.

·         Theoretical, scoping, systematic and other reviews summarizing major domains of firearm research.

·         Firearms in socio-political context (e.g., related to community attitudes, voting outcomes).

·         Comparative analyses concerning legally and illegally obtained firearms.

·         Innovative approaches to measurement and evaluation in firearms research.

·         Firearms and health in special populations (e.g., law enforcement, youth, military service members and veterans).

·         Cutting-edge work in the area of school shootings and/or mass shootings.

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