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6th Annual SASBE Conference

Special issue call for papers from Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

We're thrilled to announce that In 2018 the sixth anniversary of the SASBE Conference will be celebrated. The conference will provide a unique forum for cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchanges in the field of Smart and Sustainable Built Environments. This is a call for papers for conference proceedings that will eventually be worked into journal articles.

 Building construction specialists speak to architects, policy-makers and public health specialists talk with town planners and community activists. Slowly a common language is emerging for discussing smart and sustainable design and planning that includes the long tradition of sustainable architecture and urbanism, and building technology.

​Today, this is changing, and the 6th Conference will pay particular attention to planning, urban design and architecture, which is not only sustainable but also smart. The conference will retain its broad interest in sustainable building research and practice, while creating a special focus on two issues relevant to emerging urban initiatives: (1) smart cities and the opportunities new technologies bring to design sustainable cities with data and the spatial performance of how the smart city manifests itself and (2) planning and design of sustainable city under the severe constraints of climate change. This calls for a design rather than a technological response.

The 6th SASBE conference aims to bring together scientists, practitioners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs to discuss and exchange current knowledge, practical projects and implementation of the planning, sustainable urban design and architecture in relation to climate change, water and energy scarcity, and urban agriculture. Where and how can space be found to realise resilience in cities? This is not only a pure spatial question. It requires also social innovation, new finance models, extraordinary concepts, and ‘a good reason’, which can be found in ecological, financial or health benefits. Also what are the innovations and challenges for conventional urban and building systems that may work with or against nature? Finally, the way decisions are taken can make or break local initiatives and therefore deserves attention. All these themes are part of the conference.

The planning, urban design and architecture of smart and sustainable cities provide a broad theme. The following topics are part of the conference discussions:

Urban Agriculture | Climate change | Climate adaptation | Social cohesion | Social innovation | Environmental flows | Economic Models | Renewable energy supply | Sustainable water management | Urban design | Landscape architecture | Generative design | Spatial planning | Health | Food security | Governance | Urban food systems | Ecology | Integrated project development | Art | Business Strategies | Realisation | Implementation | Material flows | Urban farming | Design innovation | Participative planning | Policy | Finance | Process management | Architecture | Planning

Key dates:

Abstracts for scientific papers should be submitted using the template provided on the website before 15 April 2018.

Notification of acceptance will be provided before 15 May 2018.

Full papers must be submitted before 1 September 2018.
The review will be available on or before 1 October 2018, with revised papers to be submitted before 15 October 2018. Late papers cannot be accepted for publication in the proceedings. Proceedings will be available at the conference and through the website.


By participating and submitting your paper you will have access to several means of publication:

1. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

2. A selection of accepted papers will be invited to adjust their paper to a book chapter to be published in an edited volume: ‘Smart and Sustainable Cities’.

3. Special Issue in Smart and Sustainable Built environments, Emerald Publishing, for which a limited number of papers will be selected and invited to publish a journal article.


During the conference we will award prizes for, at least, the following categories:

• Best Research Paper (decided by scientific committee)
• Best Practice Paper (decided by scientific committee)
• Best Presentation (based on evaluation forms filled out by audience)
• Best Poster (voted for by participants of the conference)

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