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From Linear to Circular Manufacturing Business Models

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

From Linear to Circular Manufacturing Business Models


This special issue of the Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management intends to explore how manufacturing organisations can design, redesign or adapt linear manufacturing processes, systems, supply chains, services, managerial practices and technologies with principles and functionalities that align with the sustainability imperatives of the circular economy. Real-world applications and business models including company case studies dealing with the application of circular manufacturing business models are welcome. Theoretical papers, review papers and methodological papers are also encouraged if CE is explored within the context of manufacturing organisations and their operations.

In particular, practical, novel and original contributions investigating the development, application or potential implementation of circular business models in the manufacturing industry should, but are not limited to, address the following questions:

  • What characterises a circular manufacturing business model?
  • Which core capabilities are required in manufacturing processes, systems, supply chains, services, managerial practices and/or technologies to enable a transition from linear to circular manufacturing business models and how can these be developed?
  • How can digital technologies and logistics & supply chain systems contribute to enabling the circular capability of manufacturing processes and systems?
  • How can the degree of circularity and/or circularity readiness of manufacturing business models and/or practices be measured?
  • What are the key benefits, challenges, opportunities and trade-offs for manufacturing organisations to initiate a transition from linear to more circular business models?
  • What are the main experiences, outcomes and lessons learnt from manufacturing organisations which have implemented or transformed the linearity of their manufacturing business models into those with circular characteristics?
  • How can industrial symbiosis configurations connecting organisations from diverse sectors into cascading and feedback loop processes enable the circular capabilities in the manufacturing industry? How can these wider organisational linkages be identified and/or developed?

Potential Themes

Papers should present novel and original research outputs that have not been published or considered for publication anywhere else. The broad areas include, at least (but not limited to), the following research themes:

  • Restorative manufacturing systems and processes
  • Life cycle analysis for circular economy decision making
  • Identification of intra and inter connections and feedback loops within the manufacturing industry and their supply chains and production systems
  • Traceability of resource streams
  • Issues in the segregation of waste streams and its value
  • Manufacturing systems improvements as enablers of circularity
  • Innovations in technology and resource management practices to enable a transition towards more circular manufacturing business models
  • Case studies within the manufacturing sector based on the application of circular economy models and principles
  • Assessment of circular economy models with focus on investigating their potential, barriers, challenges, trade-offs in the manufacturing sector
  • Definition of benchmarking models to support comparative analysis, assessment and simulation of circular capabilities in manufacturing systems and processes
  • Definition of suitable measures for manufacturing organisations to assess their level of progress towards more circular operations or to evaluate their readiness to embark on such transition
  • Integration and relationship of the circular economy approach with other approaches such as industrial sustainability, sustainable/green manufacturing, industrial symbiosis, cleaner production, green lean, etc. within the context of the manufacturing sector

Key dates

Submission deadline:  28th February 2018
Publication date: October 2018

Submitting an Article:

Submissions to this special issue of the Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at:  Please see our author guidelines at for further information.

Special Issue Guest Editors:

Please get in touch with the guest editors of the special issue if you have any questions.

Prof. Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes (Lead Guest Editor)
Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, University of Derby, UK
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Vikas Kumar
Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Luciano Batista
Northampton Business School, The University of Northampton, UK
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Anass Cherrafi
Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco
Email: [email protected]