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Gas Sensors Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Sensor Review on:

“Gas Sensors”


Guest Editor: Robert Bogue
Consultant and Associate Editor of Sensor Review

Gas sensing is one of the most dynamic and technologically diverse sectors of the overall sensor industry. Today’s products exploit numerous solid-state, electrochemical, optical and other phenomena and are used in a multitude of industries, including automotive, chemicals and petrochemicals, mining, food, defence and security, healthcare, water, power generation, oil and gas and others. They control processes, protect workers from hazards, prevent fires and explosions, monitor air quality in the external and indoor environments, analyse human breath, characterise odours and fragrances, reduce pollution and detect leaks and process malfunctions. The global research effort continues to expand and involves all manner of technologies, principles and materials. In addition to the body of work exploring the capabilities of new materials and phenomena, key practical objectives are the development of gas sensors with characteristics such as reduced power consumption, greater specificity, higher sensitivity, lower costs and reduced size, and the ability to monitor different gases simultaneously, operate in ever-more extreme environments and detect compounds that cannot be sensed with existing technologies.
Original research papers or reviews are invited for this Special Issue on the following or closely related topics:
  • Gas sensors based on nanomaterials such as graphene, nanotubes and other one- and two-dimensional materials
  • Advanced optical techniques and technologies, including novel optical sources and nanophotonics
  • Gas sensors based on MEMS or other miniaturisation technologies
  • Solid and wet electrolyte gas sensors
  • Electronic noses and multi-sensor arrays
  •  Gas sensors for use in phones, wearables and other mobile devices
  • Gas sensors for indoor air quality monitoring and atmospheric sensing
  • Other innovative techniques, technologies or applications (please contact the Guest Editor to discuss further)

Submission information

If you are interested in submitting a paper for this Special Issue, please contact the Guest Editor at [email protected] to confirm your intent or discuss any issues.

The submission deadline is November 15th, 2016. Authors should submit their paper at Please indicate that you are submitting to the Gas Sensors Special Issue when prompted at the bottom of the “Details and Comments” tab.