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Value for Money and Assets Management in Housing

Conference call for papers from Journal of Facilities Management


During the recent UK government’s Comprehensive Spending Review in November 2015, the Chancellor announced that the government is committed to a £6.9bn housing investment programme showing just how housing is a high priority now. Housing associations are required to build thousands more homes for people at all levels of the housing market. In addition, the Chancellor announced that rents in social housing would be reduced by 1% a year for the next four years resulting in a 12% reduction in average rents by 2020-21. The policy change has been criticised by many social landlords predicting a reduction in housing investment (Grove, 2015). Whiles Value for Money (VfM) has always been a key area of focus in the housing sector, the current economic climate makes it even more important that the housing sector adopt a more sustainable asset management approach that deliver social, economic and environmentally friendly quality homes. WM Housing Group (2015) argues that Value for Money (VfM) is about being resource efficient in planning, managing and operation of the business.

VfM is an issue of growing importance across the Social Housing sector that involves a better understanding and performance improvement of the assets through better decisions (Jones and Wilson, 2014). Sustainable procurement processes are important in promoting good performance and value for money culture in the housing sector. The Chartered Institute of Housing (2015) Working together group on asset management defines Asset Management as:
“managing the housing stock in a way that contributes to neighbourhood sustainability, delivering value for money by optimising the balance between cost, quality and utilisation, all within the organisation’s own context”.
Asset management in the housing sector should ensure maximum value from assets through a better understanding of the stock in order to achieve maximum financial returns. A good asset management plays a vital role in influencing the environmental, economic and social wellbeing and the quality of life of people in the local community (SHR, 2012). A sustainable asset management that delivers value for money should ensure maximum value to the customers at the minimum possible costs.


This special issue seeks potential papers that address any aspect of Value for Money (VfM) and sustainable Assets Management in the Housing sector. High-quality research papers on best industry practices and case studies are encouraged for this special issue. Topics may include but not limited to the following:

• Property/Housing Asset Management
• Value for money in housing
• BIM and Asset Management
• Social value
• Smart Data Management
• Direct Labour Organisations (DLOs)
• Supply chain management and value for money
• Sustainable procurement in housing
• Mobile working in housing repairs
• Repairs and Maintenance
• Sustainable communities
• Efficient customer service
• Residential Retrofit
• Modern methods of construction
• Energy and sustainability
• Home improvement service
• Smart meters
• Lean in repairs and Maintenance

Expressions of interest

Authors interested in submitting papers are invited to submit a 250-300 word abstract in the Emerald format as per the author guidelines before 28th February 2016 to [email protected] Authors guide is available at…;

Details with full paper submission instructions will be sent to selected authors after reviewing the abstracts.


• Abstract submission deadline:  28 February 2016
• Notification of accepted abstracts:  15 April 2016
• Full Paper submission deadline:  25 July 2016
• Notification of revision:   21 October 2016
• Final revised paper deadline:   5 December 2016
• Expected publication date:   Feb/March, 2017

Guest Editors

Dr Alex Opoku
Director, Centre for Sustainability and Resilient Infrastructure & Communities (SaRIC)
School of Built Environment & Architecture, London South Bank University, UK

Prof Peter Guthrie
First Professor in Engineering for Sustainable Development in UK
Director, Centre for Sustainable Development, Cambridge University, UK

Prof Charles Egbu
Dean of School, Built Environment & Architecture
London South Bank University, UK

Any questions?
For further inquiries on submitting an abstract for expression of interest, please contact:
Dr Alex Opoku ([email protected])


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