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The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Addressing the Mitigation and Adaptation Challenges

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

Many universities across the world perform state-of-the art research on matters related to climate change, both in respect of mitigation, and adaptation. Yet, as shown by the latest 21st Conference of the Parties of the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP 21), held in Paris in December 2015, there is much room for improvements in respect of the role played by universities in the negotiations and in influencing decision-making on a matter of such a global importance.

As a member of a national delegation mentioned at COP21, "the role played by universities here in this Sumit could be stronger".  In order to cater for the documentation and dissemination of high calibre research being performed by universities across the world, the International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management is now calling for papers for a special issue titled:
"The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Addressing the Mitigation and Adaptation Challenges". 

The special issue aims at offering an overview of university-based research efforts and projects on climate change, and to provide researchers from across the spectrum of the natural and social sciences with an opportunity to introduce innovative research methods, present the results of empirical research or showcase research initiatives focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The papers submitted to this special issue are expected to be presented at a Symposium with the
same title being organised by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and HAW Hamburg, Germany, under the auspices of the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP), to be held in Manchester on 2-4 September 2016.

The special issue is expected to involve researchers in the field of climate change in the widest sense,
not only from traditional climate science, but also from the fields of environment, human geography, business and economics, arts, administration  and media studies.  The special issue -and the  Symposium- will focus on the role of higher education institutions in addressing the mitigation and adaptation challenges and will contribute to the further development of this
fast-growing field. 

Contributions are expected from researchers at universities from across the world performing research on issues pertaining climate change, offering them a unique opportunity to display and present their works and research projects. Papers sought are those which now only showcase what kind of research universities are undertaking, but also offer a better understanding of climate change across society and economic sectors.

The deadlines are as follows:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 20th February 2016
Deadline for submission of papers:  30th April 2016
Deadline for full, revised papers:  30th June 2016
Deadline for registrations:  30th June 2016

Since the special issue will be launched soon after the Symposium, the deadlines need to be followed. Expressions of interest, consisting initially of a 300 words abstract and the full names and contact details of all authors should be sent to the editor, Professor Walter Leal at: [email protected] by 20th February 2016.

Further details will be discussed with those authors whose abstracts have been received.