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Special Issue: Innovation in Service Industries

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

Innovation in Service Industries

The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology invites manuscripts related to innovations in service industries.

Guest Editors: Anil Bilgihan, [email protected] and Mohammad Nejad, [email protected]

Technological and business model innovations have revolutionized the service industries in the last few decades. In the hospitality and tourism industry, such innovations have allowed for improving services quality, creating more customized services by predicting customer needs, increasing customer loyalty through different types of loyalty programs, expanding customer base while reducing the unused capacities by customizing offerings (for example, and improving efficiency and productivity. Innovations have also allowed for the emergence of new types of customer experiences (for example, luxury suites in A380 aircrafts, augmented reality city tours), altered distribution channels (mobile booking is on the rise) and building modern facilities that are more environmental friendly. However, incumbent service providers have been challenged by new competitors who have emerged as the result of innovations. For example, the emergence of online booking websites have enforced many traditional travel agencies to go out of business or the more recently, websites are emerging (for example,, that enable people to rent their homes for a short period of time to travelers looking for ways to save money with a feeling at home. These changes are expected to continue leading to further business model and technological innovations in the service industries.

This special issue provides a forum for scholars to contribute to our understanding in this area. We welcome research on (but not limited to) the topics listed below:
• The nature and scope of business value created by innovation
• Business model innovations in services
• The role of online communities and the social media in supporting diverse collaborative innovation models
• The effects of financial services innovations on other services industries (for example hospitality and tourism)
• Mobile commerce innovations in services
• The role of mobile technologies in facilitating customer co-creation and co-innovation
• The relationship between management style and innovations in service firms
• Service innovation in emerging markets

This special issue also welcomes relevant case studies where innovation is featured in a company or environment.

Review Process and Deadlines

Please submit a 500-word abstract for your intended research paper for this special issue. Guest editors of the special issue will invite selected authors to submit full paper. The papers will be reviewed through a double-blind review process.

Time Table 

Abstracts Due:    July 30, 2014
Invitations for Full Paper:  August 20, 2014
Full Papers Due:    October 30, 2014
Final Copies Due:   April 2, 2015
Print:    Spring 2015