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Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Across Borders: An Emerging Research Agenda

Special issue call for papers from European Journal of Innovation Management

Guest editors: Cristina Sousa and Maria de Fátima Ferreiro

During the past twenty years or so, innovation emerged as the engine of economic growth in advanced market economies and beyond. The positive contribution of innovation in economic advancement is supported by a growing body of empirical evidence. Knowledge and technology are key enabling factors in the innovation process.  At its most elementary the processes of innovation involve using existing knowledge, but often also require generating and acquiring new knowledge and this centrally involves learning. Innovation also involves sharing learned knowledge. It is also widely recognised in the literature that technology is a key determinant of innovation and economic performance.

This is combined with the emergence of views regarding the growing globalisation of economic activity. The contribution of knowledge and technology and a raft of new innovation in facilitating globalisation have been researched extensively. However, this is not the case regarding the internationalisation of knowledge and technology transfer and innovation. Rather surprisingly there is precious little research in this area.

Within this context, this Call for Papers aims to stimulate debate on how the processes and challenges of knowledge and technology transfer across national boundaries, affect innovation performance.  In addressing this, the Special Issue will explore the following issues (though the list is not exhaustive):

  • Open National Innovation Systems
  • Internationalisation and Regional Innovation Systems
  • The Globalisation of Innovation in different sectoral and geographical settings
  • Dispersed global innovation networks in different sectoral and geographical settings
  • The Institutional dimension in the internationalisation of knowledge, technology and innovation
  • Intellectual property issues and international knowledge flows
  • MNCs and the internationalisation of R & D and innovation
  • SMEs in the internationalisation of innovation
  • Policy issues (regionally, nationally, and transnationally) regarding the internationalisation of knowledge, technology and innovation

Both conceptual and empirical papers are welcome in the Special Issue. The Guest Editors do not take a specific theoretical or methodological stance and would like to encourage contributions using a broad range of perspectives, and methods.

It is envisaged that the Special Issue will appear in 2015 – volume 18, issue 4. Papers should be submitted by the 11th of July 2014 through the EJIM manuscript submission system (

An International Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal ( in order to facilitate debate on these issues and develop connections between papers. However, participation in the Conference is not essential for publication in the Special Issue: each paper submitted will go through double-blind peer review process.

The Special Issue will be edited by Cristina Sousa (ISCTE-IUL) and Maria de Fátima Ferreiro (ISCTE-IUL).