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Social Marketing: Beyond behaviour change

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Social Marketing

Guest Editors: Professor Linda Brennan and Dr Lukas Parker

Social marketing is contributing to a number of fields of research and the successful application of marketing tools and techniques in social issues is well established. Gordon’s (2013) Special Edition of the Journal of Social Marketing (Vol 3 Issue 3) challenged social marketing researchers to consider their endeavours in terms of new and fresh approaches.

This issue challenges the social marketing domain to go beyond behaviour change and consider how social marketing can contribute to the fields of social innovation, social change, social advocacy and to develop macro or meso level social good (Kotler, 2013; Lusch, 2013).

From its inception the Journal has a tradition of challenging the intellectual foundations of the discipline of social marketing with a variety of thought-provoking papers such as Donovan (2011) “Social Marketing’s Mythunderstandings” and Lefebvre (2011) who presented an alternative view for social marketing as a field of practice, inspiring us to move beyond the Ps, however many Ps there are in your text book. Carvalho (2013) has questioned the use of rational choice models in social marketing and others have questioned the very foundations of what social marketing is and can achieve (French, Spotswood, Tapp, & Stead, 2011; Gordon, 2011; Hastings & Angus, 2011), as well as how it can be validly researched (Brennan, Voros, & Brady, 2011).

This special issue aims to build on these earlier editions and to broaden our intellectual and disciplinary horizons to consider what might happen when we want to go ‘beyond’ behaviour change. How do we, as marketing practitioners and researchers, take a discipline solidly founded on ‘free’ choice models of individual behaviour and develop new ways of using social marketing techniques to foster social good?

Special Issue Scope:

Manuscript submissions examining (but not restricted to) the following topics are encouraged:
• Innovative social marketing
• Beyond behavioural approaches to social marketing
• Social innovation
• Social change marketing
• The use of partnerships in social marketing
• Micro, meso and macro level social marketing
• Transformative social marketing and social well being
• Social engineering through social marketing: ethical or necessary?
• Innovating social marketing using interdisciplinary approaches
This special issue of the Journal of Social Marketing will feature 5 published papers
Early expressions of interest and enquiries can be directed to the special issue Guest Editor, Professor Linda Brennan and Dr Lukas Parker, who can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected]

The submission process is as follows:
Step 1: Authors need to adhere to the guidelines of JSOCM. As a guide, articles should be between 3000 and 6000 words in length. For other information about the journal, including specific Author Guidelines, please visit Submitted papers should not have been previously published, nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Step 2: All articles aimed at JSOCM should be submitted via Scholar One: Please select the “Social marketing: Beyond behaviour change” issue rather than the regular issue when submitting. More information about submitting an article via the Scholar One platform can be found in the Author Guidelines at The deadline for submissions is 20th February 2014.

Step 3: Manuscripts will undergo a blind peer review process. We hope to notify authors of the review outcome in April 2014. Some authors may need to revise their paper following the initial review.

Step 4: Submit the final paper by 30 June 2014 for inclusion in Volume 4, Issue 3 of the Journal of Social Marketing.

Contact the Guest Editors:

Professor Linda Brennan [email protected]
Dr Lukas Parker [email protected]


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