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Strategy, Management and the Economics of the Firm

Call for a special issue on "Strategy, Management and the Economics of the Firm" 

Guest editors:

Thierry Burger-Helmchen, BETA-CNRS, EM Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg
Caroline Hussler, University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, BETA-CNRS
Julien Pénin, BETA-CNRS, University of Strasbourg

Contact: [email protected] 

Deadline: 31st March 2012

Special Issue Purpose

Scholars’ attempts to link the economic study of the firm and firm strategy have been numerous and recurrent since Rumelt, Schendel and Teece’s seminal book on “fundamental issues in strategy: a research agenda for the 1990s”. However, most of the questions raised in their book remain burning issues and continue to prompt enlightening research and passionate debates. Indeed, the research focus of scholars in economics and applied management remains firms, consumers and institutions interacting with one another through market and non market relations, but those objects have evolved. With the appearance of firms organised in networks (in a broad sense), around communities, serving globalized markets under everyday stakeholders’ control, the development of social responsibility of the firm, the behaviours of many actors, organisations and institutions face new challenges.
In the same time, industrial economics, evolutionary economics, financial economics, behavioural economics, economic geography, entrepreneurial economics, institutional economics and others have evolved in their respective analytical frameworks and explanatory power, all of them providing renewed, stimulating contributions to the understanding of firms and their strategic management.
This special issue is precisely targeted at presenting modern ideas which borrow from economic principles and other disciplines in order to advance the understanding of problems faced by the strategic management field.
The proposals should tackle one of the numerous (recent and more traditional) questions raised by strategic management and should show how economics helps answer those questions. The special issue will favour managerial oriented contributions that propose a dialogue between strategy and economics on the following (non exhaustive list of) topics: 

Boundaries of the firm. What should the firm do? How should the firm do it? Contributions could be on the link between size, location and activity, could analyse open innovation practices which considerably redefine boundaries and incentives mechanisms, could investigate the development of spin-off and entrepreneurship as a consequence of the outsourcing strategy of big conglomerates, etc

Competitive advantage and survival. What should be the basis of the firm competitive advantage, and how should it adjust over time? Contributions could deal with the ways firms try and develop their agility, how they build dynamical capabilities to remain competitive through time, how they implement ambidextrous management, how they survive and develop on turbulent markets (emerging and/or collapsing ones), etc.

Internal organization. How should the firm delineate its structure and organize its systems internally? What kind of governance should be implemented in the 21st century? Possible proposals could be on the impact of IT on the internal structure of organisations and on power and motivation within firms, on the new agency problems faced by new (sometimes ad hoc and virtual) organisational forms, etc. Proposals could also investigate the ethics of firms and managers by using behavioural economic reasoning for instance. 

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Deadline for submissions to the journal: 31st March 2012