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Special Issue on CSR in Africa

Journal call for papers from Social Responsibility Journal

African Journal of Economic and Management Studies invites contributions to this Special Issue

The African Journal of Economic and Management Studies (AJEMS) wishes to foster the debate on CSR perceptions and practices in Africa. We therefore encourage submission of papers for a special edition of the journal in the following three broad areas: 

1. Culture, Leadership, CSR Visions and Practices

• Links between Leadership models and CSR practices in Africa
• African approaches to CSR
• Compatibility between African Culture and Economic Development.

2. Company Experiences with CSR

• Companies in conflict zones
• Companies and human rights
• Companies and Millennium Development Goals
• CSR and sustainability
• CSR in particular industries.
• Initiatives at the Bottom of the Pyramid
• Social Entrepreneurship
• CSR and SMEs

3. Institutional Context and collective action in the public space

• Role of support organizations in the development of SMEs.
• Partnerships for development
• Institutional entrepreneurship


You are invited to submit articles on these and related issues not later than 30th June 2010. All papers will be subject to a rigorous peer review. Feedback on papers will be given in the later autumn of 2010. Publication of the special issue is scheduled for 2011.
Papers should be between 6,000-7,000 words. Authors should follow AJEMS author guidelines at
Submissions should be made electronically and directly to the guest editor through the email address below
[email protected]

Guest Editor

Josep F. Mària
Institute for Social Innovation
ESADE Business School, URL
Av. Torreblanca 59
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Tel +34 93 495 21 27
Email : [email protected]

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