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AAAJ Special Issue Call for Papers: Accounting and Popular Culture

Special issue call for papers from Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Special Issue on Accounting and Popular Culture

Guest Editor:

Ingrid Jeacle, Reader, University of Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh, UK, email: [email protected]

The objective of this special issue is to recognise the richness in exploring the inter-linkages between accounting and popular culture. Traditionally regarded as trivial and unworthy of academic attention, research into the regular rituals that pervade the everyday is now a legitimate field of scholarly inquiry among social theorists. Accounting researchers however, has remained relatively aloof from this general trend, preferring to seek solace in the sphere of the corporation rather than the coffee shop. Consequently, the aim of this special issue is to broaden the scope of accounting scholarship beyond the confines of business hours, to explore, for example, the morning rituals of gym going or the nocturnal social activities of cinema attendance. This research direction inevitably implies moving the focus of accounting scrutiny beyond the site of the professional firm, financial intermediary or manufacturing facility to engage more directly with the media of mass culture. While the accounting discourse may not be so instantly identifiable within these unconventional contexts, the investigation should reap rich returns in not only furthering an understanding of accounting, but also the ways and means in which accounting and auditing practices and notions of accountability permeate our everyday lives.

This special issue welcomes research which furthers an understanding of the linkages between accounting and popular culture. For example, submissions are encouraged which explore the role of accounting, audit, or forms of accountability within, but not restricted to, the following locales of popular culture:

• Leisure and entertainment
o The pursuit or spectatorship of sporting activities
o The cinema going experience
o The home entertainment phenomenon

• Mass media and the internet
o Television and radio
o The Internet and social networking sites
o Magazines and popular fiction

• Consumption practices
o Shopping
o The dining out, take-away, or coffee society culture
o Budget airlines and the consumption of city breaks

Papers can be theoretical, empirical or methodological in nature. They can adopt an historical or contemporary perspective, and draw on a range of theoretical approaches.

Submission Details:

The submission deadline for this special issue is 1st August 2010, although earlier submissions are welcome. Manuscripts should be sent electronically by email (in a word file format) to the guest editor ([email protected]). All papers will be reviewed in accordance with AAAJ’s normal processes.