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Library and Information Science

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ISSN: 1876-0562

Editor: Professor Jens-Erik Mai
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New Titles
Editorial Objectives
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About the Editor

This series has now been renamed Studies in Information. Please follow this link to be redirected to the new webpage for the series.

New Titles

Just Published: Genre Theory in Information Studies, edited by Jack Andersen, a critical monograph which illustrates how modern genre studies inform and enrich the study of information.

"Genre Theory in Information Studies consolidates and carries forward emerging inquiries in information and archival sciences that have been using genre to understand how knowledge is organized, made available, and used in society.  Together these studies unpack knowledge processes in contexts as varied as private life and large government organizations, within complexities arising from the uncertainties and destabilizations of war or the rich traditions and dense utterances of literary culture.  Together these studies give us tools to understand more realistically and more deeply what knowledge is and how we make sense and use of it." Charles Bazerman, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

Recent publication: New Directions in Children's and Adolescent's Information Behavior Research edited by Danial Bilal and Jamshid Beheshti.

"This collection of studies is a valuable contribution to the research literature of information behavior of children and adolescents. The book offers interesting insights and good ideas for further research and practice." Carol Kuhlthau, Department of Library and Information Science, Rutgers University, USA.

Discover the latest research on Information Experience. The new book, Information Experience: Approaches to Theory and Practice, is devoted to Information Experience with perceptive reflections on information, knowledge, user experience, design and education. It presents a vibrant assessment on current developments in the field of Information Experience from diverse viewpoints.

Editorial Objectives

Library and Information Science solicits and publishes edited manuscripts and non-edited monographs on all theoretical and practical aspects of the creation, distribution, location, acquisition, organization, retrieval, and management of information. New ways for creating, distributing, organising and using digital information are constantly emerging including content production, user and organisational issues. Selected topics published in the series provide a bridge between current theoretical developments and the research interests of applied researchers in information science, libraries, information professions, the information industry and related disciplines.

Topics of interest include: information behaviour; interactive information retrieval; information architecture; information and knowledge management; information in context (social, economic and political issues); knowledge and information organisation and use; bibliometrics, webometrics and informetrics; web studies, digital libraries; and scholarly communication.

Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editor
Professor Jens-Erik Mai
Royal School of Library and Information Science
University of Copenhagen
[email protected]

Wendy Alderton
[email protected]

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Donald Case
University of Kentucky, USA

Professor Schubert Foo Shou Boon
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professor Chun Wei Choo
University of Toronto, Canada

Associate Professor Ron Day
Indiana University, USA

Associate Professor Melanie Feinberg
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Professor and Chair Jonathan Furner
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

Associate Professor Bonnie Mak
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Professor Diane Nahl
University of Hawaii, USA

Professor Diane H. Sonnenwald
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Professor Olof Sundin
Lund University, Sweden

Professor Elaine Toms
University of Sheffield, UK

Professor Dietmar Wolfram
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Professor Christa Womser-Hacker
Universitat Hildesheim, Germany

Author Guidelines

For advice on how to present your manuscript please visit our author guidelines page, here.

Recent Reviews

Developing People's Information Capabilities: Fostering Information Literacy in Educational, Workplace and Community Contexts edited by Mark Hepworth and Geoff Walton.

"This is one of the most exciting titles I have come across in the information literacy (IL) literature for some time."  Evi Tramantza, University of Surrey, UK. Read the full review here.

Social Information Research edited by Gunila Widen and Kim Holmberg.

"This book is a must for the information-aware scholar and professional on the broiling topic of social information research by learned information scientists."  Peter Ingwersen, Royal School of Librarianship Denmark and Abo Akademi, Finland. Read the full review here.

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About the Editor

Jens-Erik Mai is Professor at the Royal School of Library and Information Science at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jens-Erik is interested in basic questions about the nature of information phenomena; he has explored these from a variety of conceptual points (e.g. semiotics, cognitive work analysis, late-modernity, philosophy of language, trust) often with a focus on issues and questions in the organization of information. He has contributed conceptual constructions as well as methodological and programmatic papers that have helped forward thinking about the organization of information. His most recent publications explore contemporary classification theory's conceptual foundation in modernity and the nature of information quality from a pragmatic philosophy of language perspective.

For more information visit his personal website:

Publication ethics

This publication adopts the Emerald Publication Ethics guidelines which fully support the development of, and practical application of consistent ethical standards throughout the scholarly publishing community.

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