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Research in the Sociology of Health Care

Series cover: Research in the Sociology of Health Care
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ISSN: 0275-4959

Editor: Professor Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld
Subject: Health Care Management / Healthcare (view other series in this subject area)Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index logo. Scopus logo.
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Information Page

Editorial Objectives

Research in the Sociology of Health Care covers health, health care services, and sociological concerns. Each volume addresses an issue of importance in both the US health care system and health care systems across the world.

Previously covered topics include:

  • Research on social inequalities
  • Social disparities
  • Chronic diseases
  • Population health
  • Research on access, quality and utilization of health care services

Theoretical, qualitative and quantitative papers deal with complex understandings of macro system issues in the following areas:

  • The impact of the patient and individual factors on health and health care
  • The impact of the provider and interaction between providers and patients
  • Gender, race and poverty as sources of inequality in modern societies

Articles vary greatly in their coverage, with some focusing on the US as a whole, and others on specific sections of the US or subgroups within the population such as African American women or the elderly. Other articles focus on issues from an international or comparative perspective.

Each volume includes information that is essential reading for medical sociologists and people working in other social science disciplines studying health-related issues. The volume also provides vital information for health services researchers, policy analysts and public health researchers.

Just Published

Volume 33 - Education, Social Factors, and Health Beliefs in Health and Health Care

This volume provides a unique sociological focus on education, social factors and health beliefs in health and health care, including a review of the literature to date.

The Editor

Professor Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld is a faculty member of the Cente of Popular Dynamics at Arizona State University. She conducts research in medical sociology, especially in health care utilization, health care behavior and aging, as well as more broadly health across the life course and health policy issues. With some of the CePod faculty and other ASU faculty, she is currently working on a variety of issues related to adolescent obesity. She is also working on projects on utilization of health care services using national databases such as the Health Interview Survey and MEPS, including issues relating to specialty care use and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). Professor Kronenfeld has conducted research in a variety of topics related to child health, including recruitment into SCHIP (state child health insurance program), obesity and immunization. Professor Kronenfeld is a past chair of the medical sociology section, American Sociological Association, and past secretary of the Medical Care section, American Public Health Association and a Fellow of the American Academy of Health Behavior.

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Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editor
Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld 
Arizona State University, USA
[email protected]

Jen McCall
[email protected]

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