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Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice

Series cover: Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice
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ISSN: 2042-1443

Editor: Jafar Jafari and Noel Scott
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Information Page

The Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice book series consists of distinct volumes each of which brings together both conceptual theses and prevalent applications or case studies that inform academics and practitioners on a current or emerging theme.

Editorial Objectives

The aim of the Bridging series is to have academic and industry leaders join forces in their respective fields to discuss, exchange, and debate issues critical to the advancement of tourism; and to inspire a new generation of researchers who can translate scholarly discoveries to deliverable results valuable to practitioners, and who can inform the academics of industry best practices.

The series creates a platform for academics and practitioners to share theories and practices with each other, and serves as a collaborative venue for meaningful exchange and syntheses. It illustrates how theories and practices inform each other; how both have evolved, advanced, and been applied; and how industry best practices have benefited from, and contributed to, theoretical developments.

Key Audiences and Benefits

The Bridging series benefits students, academics, and practitioners who are interested in the exchange of cutting-edge theories and best practices in the interconnected sectors of the tourism system.

  • Students: Bridging provides one-stop shopping for all students, especially graduate, to learn about tourism as an applied science and as an integrated system of industries.
  • Academics: Bridging offers a library for scholars, particularly those with limited practical experience, to find syntheses of the blended conceptual and empirical literature that contributes to and draws from the industry.
  • Practitioners: Bridging serves as a resource room for tourism sectors and government agencies to look for scientific perspectives and best practices; in short, as a tool box that aids in delivering results.

Topicality and Coverage

Bridging identifies the topic of each volume through critical analyses of current issues of tourism research and trends in the related industries.  Volume editors have both strong academic credentials and significant consulting or other industry engagement experiences. Contributors to each volume come from multiple disciplines and industry sectors. The Bridging coverage includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Theoretical development in this field
  • Best practices in the fields of application
  • Policy, planning, and development
  • Strategies, globalization, and sustainability
  • Emerging markets and consumers 

Recently published volumes include:

  • Volume 8: Knowledge Transfer To and Within Tourism: Academic, Industry and Government Bridges
  • Volume 7: The World Meets Asian Tourists
  • Volume 6: Contemporary Destination Governance: A Case Study Approach
  • Volume 5: Tourism as an Instrument for Development: A Theoretical and Practical Study
  • Volume 4: Knowledge Management in Tourism: Policy and Governance Applications

The Editors

Jafar Jafari is Founding Editor of Annals of Tourism Research; Chief Editor of Tourism Social Science [book] Series; Co-Editor of Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice book series; Chief Editor of Encyclopedia of Tourism; Co-Founding Editor of Information Technology & Tourism; Co-Founder of TRINET: Tourism Research Information Network; and Founding President of International Academy for the Study of Tourism. 

Noel Scott is Adjunct Professor of Tourism at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. His research interests include the study of tourism experiences, destination management and marketing, and stakeholder organization. He is a frequent speaker at international academic and industry conferences. He has over 210 academic articles published including 13 books.

Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editor

Jafar Jafari 
University of Wisconsin-Stout
[email protected]

Series Editor

Noel Scott
University of the Sunshine Coast
[email protected]


Pete Baker
[email protected]



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