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New Technology Based Firms in the New Millennium

Series cover: New Technology Based Firms in the New Millennium
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ISSN: 1876-0228

Editor: Ray Oakey, Aard Groen, Peter van der Sijde and Gary Cook
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Editorial Objectives
Key Benefits
Key Audiences
The Editor
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Editorial Objectives

The objectives of the series are to provide up to date research on a variety of aspects of High Technology Small Firm formation and growth (HTSFs) from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives.  The series encompasses both theoretical and empirical developments and provides evidence from a range of national contexts throughout the world. We seek to reflect on and shape currently popular national government policies insofar as they relate to HTSFs. This edited book series is the only international publication specifically dealing with HTSF formation and growth and it uniquely provides an uninterrupted record of research in this area since 1993.


The ability to develop and exploit new technology has never been more important for sustaining economic growth in both developed and developing countries.  The important role played in the process of innovation and economic growth by entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises is now well understood.  This book series helps advance our knowledge and understanding regarding these issues in the specific context of HTSF where growth potential and formation problems are both intense by  bringing together diverse but up to the minute international research.

Key Benefits

A wide variety of issues and perspectives are covered in the series, including academic enterprise, high technology start ups, clustering, technology policy, business development, international new ventures, entrepreneurship, strategy and networks.

The series encompasses the insights of a range of interdisciplinary perspectives including management, entrepreneurship, economics, marketing, strategy and public policy.  Such work provides feedback for academics and national governments on how new policies might be identified and introduced and how previously introduced policies have performed (e.g. academic incubators).

Key Audiences 

The series is aimed at academic teachers and researchers in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, economic geography and public policy. This output is also aimed at national and regional policy makers in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology policy and sectoral economic development.

The Editor

After completing an MSc and PhD at the London School of Economics in 1978, Ray Oakey was appointed as Research Associate, and later Senior Research Associate, at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies at Newcastle University. In 1985, he obtained a lectureship in business organisation at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, where he was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1988 and Reader in 1991. He was appointed to a Chair in Business Development at Manchester Business School (MBS) in 1992. In 1995, he led a team of consultants in the Kingdom of Brunei to produce a national industrial development plan centred on high technology small firm growth.

Professor Oakey has held a number of senior administrative roles at MBS including Director of the Business and Executive Development Centres, and Subject Area Group Head of Business Economics for most of the period from his appointment until the merger with UMIST. He is the founder of the international annual High Technology Small Firms conference (begun in 1993) and the associated edited book series. Over the past ten years he has advised a number of prestigious national and international bodies on high technology small firms policy (including the House of Lords, the Bank of England, the Department of Trade and Industry; the OECD; and the government of Sweden). Much of his recent work has involved consultancy for a number of national and regional United Kingdom government agencies.

Teaching and research interests include high technology small firms; technology and innovation management; business development; diffusion of new products and processes; entrepreneurship; high technology industry; innovation; regional industrial development; industrial clustering (especially high technology).

Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editors
Ray Oakey
Manchester Business School, UK
[email protected]

Gary Cook
University of Liverpool Management School, UK

Aard Groen
University of Twente, The Netherlands

Peter van der Sijde
VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Emma Stevenson
[email protected]


"This book combines theory and practice in a very fruitful way. International scholars have annually over a decade contributed to the entrepreneurship and innovation fields which makes the book a most interesting and important reading."
Magnus Klofsten, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Linköping University, Sweden

"With a history of over 15 years this series has become an important venue for publishing research on and about new technology-based firms. Especially its European focus makes the book series a vital complement to other existing publications in the field. The closely linked annual High-Tech Small Firms conference has for a long time been a main meeting place for researchers and policymakers in Europe, interested in issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship."
Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand, Professor, Halmstad University, Sweden

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