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Advances in Applied Business Strategy

Series cover: Advances in Applied Business Strategy
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ISSN: 0749-6826

Editor: Professor Vadake Narayanan
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Editorial Objectives 
Key Benefits 
Key Audiences 
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Editorial Objectives

The series Advances in Applied Business Strategy (AABS) is the leading forum for research that addresses the challenging 'middle ground' in the strategic management process – the ways in which strategy theory, concepts, and frameworks can be usefully and effectively applied in practice. AABS is focused on the key issues of articulating the implications of new theory for strategic management, of defining useful applications of new strategy theory in practice, and of designing approaches to implementing new practices in the process of strategic management. 


The series maintains a strong – but not exclusive – interest in the application of contemporary competence-based management theory in strategic management and other management processes. Recent volumes include papers on the management of inter-firm interactions (both competitive and cooperative), internationalization processes, organizational learning, stakeholder development, organizational renewal, development of organizational competences, and competence-based strategies.

Key Benefits

The series periodically publishes volumes of papers by strategic management researchers and practitioners worldwide that meet the requirements of:  

  • Clarity in articulating new theory relevant to strategic management
  • Consistency in 'translating' new strategy theory into new applications
  • Practicality in proposing implementation approaches that can be used by strategic managers

Key Audiences

AABS invites and publishes both conceptual and empirical papers that also meet the tests of clear theoretical grounding and offering practical suggestions for implementation and are relevant to a global audience of strategic management researchers and practitioners.


Subject coverage includes, but is not restricted to: 

  • Inter-firm interactions (both competitive and cooperative)
  • Internationalization processes
  • Organizational learning
  • Stakeholder development
  • Organizational renewal
  • Development of organizational competences
  • Competence-based strategies

List of current volumes in AABS:

  • Volume 6(A): Theory Development for Competence-Based Management (2000)
  • Volume 6(B): Research in Competence-Based Management (2000)
  • Volume 6(C): Implementing Competence-Based Strategies (2000)
  • Volume 7: Competence Perspectives on Managing Internal Processes (2005)
  • Volume 8: Competence Perspectives on Managing Interfirm Interactions (2005)
  • Volume 9: Competence Perspectives on Resources, Stakeholders, and Renewal (2006)
  • Volume 10: Competence Perspectives on Learning and Dynamic Capabilities (2008)
  • Volume 11: Competence Building and Leveraging in Interorganizational Relations (2008)
  • Volume 12: Enhancing Competences for Competitive Advantage (2010)

Contact the Editorial Team

Professor Vadake Narayanan
LeBow College of Business, Drexel University, USA
[email protected]

Emma Stevenson
[email protected]

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