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Comparative Social Research

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ISSN: 0195-6310

Editor: Dr Fredrik Engelstad
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Despite the growing awareness of globalization, the main bulk of empirical work in the social sciences remains within the frames of what Stein Rokkan termed "national empiricism". The yearbook Comparative Social Research aims at furthering the international orientation in the social sciences.
Each volume is concentrated on a specific topic, mostly of substantive, but also of methodological character. As a rule, the articles present two or more cases for comparison, be they nations, regions, organizations, or social units at different points of time. The volumes embrace a broad set topics, such as comparative studies of universities as institutions for production and diffusion of knowledge; family policies; regional cultures; and institutional aspects of work and wage formation.
Comparative Social Research seeks well-written articles that place the current or historical data in context, critically review the literature of comparative studies, or provide new theoretical or methodological insights. The series recognizes that comparative research is theoretically and methodologically interdisciplinary, and encourages and supports there trends. All papers will be subject to double-blind peer review. 

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'Educational Choices and Social Interactions: A Formal Model and a Computational Test' from Class and Stratification Analysis (Volume 30) has recently been awarded the American Sociological Association's Mathematical Sociology outstanding article award. The award will be presented to the author, Gianluca Manzo, at the meeting of the Mathematical Sociology section at the  ASA's annual meeting in San Francisco in August. Read the paper here

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Recently Published

Labour Mobility in the Enlarged Single European Market, Volume 32
Edited by Line Eldring and Jon Erik Dolvik

The 2004 reunification of Eastern and Western Europe and the subsequent economic crisis caused a surge in intra-European labour mobility and a profound shift in preceding patterns of migration in Europe. While previous decades of European integration brought very modest cross-border flows of labour, the past decade has engendered the largest European movements of labour in modern time - mostly from East to West, but eventually also from South to North. In a situation of record high European unemployment, this has sparked controversy about the very notion of free movement, one of the basic foundations of the European Community, and has unleashed heated debates about the conditions, causes, and consequences of large-scale labour migration for receiving as well as sending societies. Against this background, this volume of Comparative Social Research will contribute to improve our understanding of the drivers, mechanisms, and effects of the past decade's surge in cross-border labour mobility and work related migration within Europe.

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Past Volumes

Gender Segregation in Vocational Education, Volume 31
Edited by Liza Reisel (Institute for Social Research, Norway, Kristina Hengna (Institutre for Social Research, Norway) and Christian Imdorf (Universitat Bern,m Switzerland)

Class and Stratification Analysis, Volume 30
Edited by Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, University of Oslo

Firms, Boards and Gender Quotas: Comparative Perspectives, Volume 29
Co-edited by Mari Teigen, Norwegian Institute for Social Research

Review of volume 29:

'The volume gives an interesting insight into gender inequality and into the efforts made by the state to promote and implement laws to cover the gender gap. The problem is approached from several angles by examining economic, social, and political factors. Moreover, the volume is a comprehensive study of gender inequality in Europe and Asia, looking into problems of women as a labor force.' Journal of Research in Gender Studies 2(1), 2012

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Series Editor
Dr Fredrik Engelstad
Norwegian Institute for Social Research
[email protected]

Emma Stevenson
[email protected]

EAB members

Bernard Enjolras, Institute for Social Research, Norway
Kristian Harpviken, Peace Research Institute, Norway
Marte Mangset, University of Bergen, Norway
Lars Mjøset, University of Oslo, Norway
Marjan Nadim, Institute for Social Research, Norway
Kristian Stokke, University of Oslo, Norway
Mari Teigen, Institute for Social Research, Norway

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