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Qualitative Research in the Study of Leadership, 2nd Edition

Qualitative Research in the Study of Leadership, 2nd Edition.


Karin Klenke, Leadership Development Institute (LDI) International, USA


In this new and updated second edition, Klenke presents a number of leadership studies through varying methods, including case studies, interviews and phenomenology. The text will benefit students of leadership, from graduate students to seasoned leadership scholars, whilst also being of great interest to leadership practitioners, who wish to broaden their understanding of new developments in leadership research.

The book is divided into four parts: foundations of qualitative research methods; frequently used qualitative methods in the study of leadership designs; underutilized qualitative methods; plus three commissioned empirical studies illustrating content analysis, narrative analysis, and mixed methods study. The book also includes a chapter on the use of non-textual, image-based sources of data for qualitative leadership research.

Brief Table of Contents:


Part I Foundations of Qualitative Research
1 Philosophical Foundations: Qualitative Research as Paradigm
2 Qualitative Research as Method
Part II: Major Qualitative Traditions in Leadership Research
3 Case Studies in Leadership Research
4 Content Analysis in Leadership Research
5 Qualitative Interviewing in Leadership Research
Part III Underutilized Qualitative Methods in Leadership Studies
6 Mixed Methods in Leadership Research
7 Grounded Theory and Ethnography
8 Phenomenology and Narrative Analysis
9 Beyond Words: Sights and Sounds in Qualitative Leadership Research
Part IV Empirical Qualitative Leadership Studies
10 Content Analysis of the Writings of Mary Parker Follett
11 Leadership in At-Risk Communities
12 Epilogue

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781785606519
ISBN Electronic: 9781785606502
Publication Date: 06 January 2016
Format print: Hardback
Imprint: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Page count: 376
Dimensions: 165 x 240
Audience: Professional & Scholarly

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