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Bounded Rational Choice Behaviour, Applications in Transport

Bounded Rational Choice Behaviour, Applications in Transport.


Soora Rasouli , Eindhoven University of Technology
Harry Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology


The book is an attempt to stimulate development in travel behaviour analysis and provide a basic source of reference to the transportation research community. The aim of the book is to give centre stage to some recent innovative approaches to models of bounded rationality, both under conditions of certainty and uncertainty.

This book brings together frontier research in transportation and travel behaviour on the formulation and estimation of models of bounded rationality to analyse and predict various facets underlying daily activity-travel behaviour. Key behavioural principles and mechanisms relate to simplifying decision complexity by ignoring particular attributes, developing context and task-dependent mental representations, deriving decision heuristics, adding emotional aspects to cognitive assessments of choice options, regret-minimization, semi-compensatory decision rules based on mental effort and risk perception, learning and adaptation, satisfying decision rules and prospect theoretic approaches.


The book is important reading for transportation researchers and professionals who are interested in the latest developments in transport demand forecasting. It offers historical reviews of the development of models of bounded rationality in this field of research, and a variety of new concepts and modelling approaches that should be inspirational to both new and experienced researchers in this field of research and application.

Table of Contents


Soora Rasouli & Harry Timmermans

Frontiers in Modelling Bounded Rationality in Travel Behaviour Research:

Introduction to the Collection of Papers

Soora Rasouli & Harry Timmermans

Models of Bounded Rationality Under Certainty

Soora Rasouli & Harry Timmermans

Utility Maximisation and Regret Minimisation: A Mixture of a Generalization

Stephane Hess & Caspar Chorus

Relative Utility Modelling

Junyi Zhang

The Influence of Varying Information Load on Inferred Attribute Non-Attendance

Andrew Collins & David A. Hensher

The Heterogeneous Heuristic Modeling Framework for Inferring Decision Processes

Wei Zhu & Harry Timmermans

Investigating Situational Differences in Individuals' Mental Representations of

Activity-Travel Decisions: Progress and Empirical Illustration for the Impact of

On-Line Alternatives

Oliver Horeni, Theo Arentze, Benedict Dellaert & Harry Timmermans

Towards a Novel Classifier for the Representation of Bounded Rationality in

Models of Travel Demand

Davy Janssens & Geert Wets

Bounded Rationality in Dynamic Traffic Assignment

WY Szeto, Yi Wang & Ke Han

Incorporating Bounded Rationality in a Model of Endogenous Dynamics of Activity-Travel Behaviour

Ifigenia Psarra, Theo Arentze & Harry Timmermans

Multidimensional Travel Decision-Making: Descriptive Behavioural Theory

and Agent-Based Models

Chenfeng Xiong, Xiqun Chen & Lei Zhang


Prospect Theory and its Applications to the Modelling of Travel Choice

Erel Avineri and Eran Ben-Elia

Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781784410728
ISBN Electronic: 9781784410711
Publication Date: 05 February 2015
Format print: Hardback
Page count: 300
Dimensions: 165 x 240
Primary BIC code: WG
Primary BISAC code: TRA000000
LCC code: HE1-9990
Audience: Professional and Scholarly

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About the Editor(s)

Soora Rasouli is Assistant Professor of the Urban Planning Group of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. She has research interests in activity-based models of travel demand, modeling of choice processes under uncertainty and spatial analysis. She is a member of the editorial board of Journal of Urban Planning and Development, International Journal of Transportation, Modern Traffic and Transportation Engineering Research, International Journal of Urban Science, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Planning and JRCS. She is junior career member of the ISCTSC Board of the International Steering Committee for Travel Survey Conferences, and member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Special Committee on Travel Forecasting Resources. Her work has been published in journals such as Environment and Planning A, Environment and Planning B, Networks and Spatial Economics, Transportation Letters, Transportation Research A, Transportation Research Record, and the International Journal of Geographic Information Science. She has acted as guest editor for Environment and Planning B, Travel Behavior and Society, and the Journal of Choice Modelling. Her papers have been granted several awards.

Harry Timmermans is Head of the Urban Planning Group of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is one of the pioneers of stated preference and choice modeling. He has research interests in modeling decision-making processes and decision support systems in a variety of application domains, including transportation. His main current research project is concerned with the development of a dynamic model of activity-travel behavior. He is editor of the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and serves on the board of several other journals in transportation, geography, urban planning, marketing, artificial intelligence and other disciplines. He is Co-chair of the International Association of Travel Behavior Research (IATBR), and member of several scientific committees of the Transportation Research Board. He has also served as member of many conference committees in transportation an artificial intelligence. He is (co)author of more than 500 refereed articles in international journals.



"This book squarely addresses the recondite topics in transportation .....Readers will be enlightened to new trends of travel behavioural research." Professor Akimasa Fujiwara, Hiroshima University Transportation Engineering Laboratory