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Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide for Competitive Success, 2nd edition

Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide for Competitive Success, 2nd edition.


Stanley Charles Abraham


An exceptional treatise on strategic planning for single-business companies that is at once academically rigorous and uncommonly practical, this book embodies the Association for Strategic Planning's 'Think-Plan-Act' rubric. It emphasises the pervasive role of strategic thinking in strategic planning, including searching for better strategies, business models, and opportunities. This includes monitoring changes in the external environment: the firm's industry and competitors, markets, and general environment. The book also provides original and proven techniques to develop viable strategic alternatives, as well as many other useful analytical tools. Unique software enables a full analysis of a firm's financial performance and condition as well as a full strategic analysis, thus integrating everything presented in the book and providing an opportunity to practice doing a strategic analysis. Includes examples of real companies.

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    "Stan Abraham has written a useful, no-nonsense guide to strategic analysis and planning. In plain language he explains how to convert analysis into strategic thinking, the core skill and activity of planning. His book clearly shows how any business can successfully apply the concepts and tools of strategic planning. It introduces students and practitioners to a best-practice system for making better choices about the future in a world where discontinuity is the new norm".

    – Robert M. Randall, Editor, Strategy & Leadership and co-author of The Portable MBA in Strategy, 1st and 2nd Editions

    "Stan Abraham has enriched the second edition of Strategic Planning with important new concepts and techniques, addressing the critical links between strategic thinking, strategic planning, and implementation. Students will benefit from his many illustrative examples and clear use of terminology, while managers will identify immediately with his no-nonsense, practical approach".

    – Robert J. Allio, Principal, Allio Associates, author of The Seven Faces of Leadership and The Practical Strategist


Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781780525204
Publication Date: 23 January 2012
Format print: Paperback
Imprint: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Page count: 250
Dimensions: 160 x 240
Primary BIC code: KJC
Audience: Professional & Vocational

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About the Author

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Dr. Stan Abraham is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and President of his own consulting firm, Future By Design, Santa Monica, CA.

His second book, Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide for Competitive Success, has been widely adopted. He has served on the prestigious journal Strategy & Leadership's Board of Contributing Editors since January 2002, joining a cadre of top strategists from around the world, and has published many articles in that journal.

Stan has been conducting one- to five-day workshops and seminars on strategic planning and general management for senior managers in the US, Mexico, and Colombia since 1994 with excellent evaluations.

He is an accomplished presenter and has given presentations before professional audiences for over 20 years on a variety of management topics. He involves his audiences, who tell him that he has a gift for clarifying complex concepts and making them come alive.


"Strategic planning can be intimidating. The first edition of this book is a helpful guide to navigating a complex process. Stan Abraham sets the stage by offering insightful case studies and clear definitions. This slender volume is also packed with practical step-by-step tools and tips that help users translate financial figures into coherent strategies. The SAMtw CD-ROM gives readers a hands-on opportunity to effectively tackle analysis and strategy synthesis".

– Gloria Lee, Vice President, Affiliate Marketing & Promotion, ABC Television Network, Burbank, CA

"Most strategic planning books written by academics are dry, theoretical, and not too useful to managers who must make difficult business decisions in the real world. Stan Abraham's book is a rare and welcome exception – clear, practical, and written with passion. His expertise in cutting through the tougher parts of strategic planning is evident in this book. Whether you are a student, planning consultant, manager, or senior executive, you'll find actionable insights that will give you an edge".

– Terry Schmidt, founder,, Author, Strategic Project Management Made Simple, and Dean,