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New Book Series Announcement - Research and Practice in Business and Society

Call for Book Proposals

Series Editor

Harry Van Buren, University of New Mexico
[email protected]


John Stuart, Emerald Books
[email protected]

Emerald Books is pleased to announce a general and ongoing call for proposals for a new Business, Management and Economics book series, Research and Practice in Business and Society. In this series, Emerald Books seeks to publish innovative titles that address the complex and ever-changing intersections between business and society.

Titles published in this series should have appeal to three audiences: academic researchers, students and practicing managers. A key rationale for the series is that there is a need for ongoing conversation between the world of business and society scholarship and the world of management practice. Ideally, titles published in the series would be equally at home in university bookstores, libraries and course syllabi as they would be on the bookshelves of managers and academics. In particular, there is a growing need for managers to have access to cutting-edge research in the field that is written in a sophisticated but approachable way. Emerald Books would like to publish titles in the field of business and society that have scholarly impact while helping managers respond to the challenges associated with continually expanding and evolving expectations for responsible business behavior.

Book proposals, either monographs or edited volumes, for this series are currently being welcomed in the following areas:

Ethics and Compliance

A topic that would be of interest to both management academics and practitioners is ethics and compliance, with a focus on how organizations can ensure legal compliance and promote ethical behavior in areas such as training, whistleblowing and organizational structures for an ethics and compliance function. One particular book we would like to see published is a Handbook that makes sense of the whole field.

Accounting and corporate responsibility

The ways that organizations count and account for their activities matter with regard to how they conceptualize and fulfill their legal, social, and ethical responsibilities. Book proposals in this area might address how accounting processes can promote responsible business behavior and how current accounting processes might be rethought in this regard.

Business and human rights

There has been considerable attention given in the last decade to specifying the human rights obligations of businesses. Proposals in this area might address how businesses can manage human rights obligations. Alternatively, they might be focused on specifying human rights responsibilities for organizations operating in particular contexts or that address a specific area (such as gender, religion, and community rights).

Ethics and human resource management

Human resource management has profound ethical implications for organizations. In addition to broad treatises about the ethics of human resource management, book proposals in this area could address the ethics of specific functional areas in HRM and topics related to the ethics of HRM practices in different cultural contexts.

Governance and corporate responsibility

Book proposals in this area might usefully examine how corporate boards participate in processes related to corporate responsibility, the ethical implications of contemporary corporate governance processes, and how corporate governance processes might strengthen stakeholder participation and bring about more responsible corporate behavior. Proposals might also address the intersection of public policy and management practice with regard to corporate governance. There is also the possibility of publishing titles in the series that link accounting processes, governance processes, and responsible behavior by corporations.

Spirituality and business

Book proposals in this area might explore business ethics from the perspective of particular religious traditions. Proposals might also address the influence of religion as a macro-level force that affects expectations for responsible business behavior.

Submission guidelines

Enquires can be directed to the series editor, Harry Van Buren (University of New Mexico) at [email protected]. If you wish to submit a formal proposal, please do so at the same email address. Proposals should include the following:

  • Proposed title
  • Authorship (for a monograph) or editorship (for an edited volume) information, including current affiliations, previous publishing or editing activity, and expertise
  • Synopsis of the book
  • Expected manuscript length and timetable for completion
  • Proposed table of contents and a brief description of each chapter (for a monograph) or contribution (for an edited volume)
  • If the proposal is for an edited volume, a discussion of how contributions have been or will be solicited and reviewed
  • A survey of related and competing books, along with a discussion how this book proposal meets a need that has not been well addressed
  • A discussion of how the finished title can address the needs of academic researchers, students and practicing managers
  • Four potential reviewers and their contact information
  • History of the proposal; has the proposal been submitted previously to other publishers?
  • Marketing support that the authors/editors could offer in support of the title
  • If available, an introduction and/or sample chapters

A Book Proposal pro-forma can be accessed here:

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