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Call for Submissions

Advances in Global Leadership, Volume 9

The Advances in Global Leadership (AGL) series, published by Emerald, is pleased to announce that Dr. Mark Mendenhall, renowned global leadership scholar, is joining Dr. Joyce Osland and Dr. Ming Li to edit Volume 9.  We are also happy to report that Volume 8, (Osland, Li & Wang, Eds.), was chosen as one of the top four finalists for the University of San Diego’s 2014 Outstanding Leadership Book Awards.

AGL is unique for many reasons. It is both a journal and a book series.  In addition to high quality empirical research, it is home to well-crafted essays and innovative conceptual work.  Unlike traditional articles, AGL allows scholars more room to develop their ideas with a higher page limit. We invite top scholars to contribute, but we also send out a call for submission to ensure broader accessibility to scholars around the world.  All submissions undergo extensive peer review, twice by the editors and once by other scholars.  Accepted authors are invited to a symposia in which scholars and doctoral students dialogue, read and critique draft manuscripts, which are subsequently revised again.  These symposia provide an opportunity for lively intellectual discourse and discussion of future research directions.

The focus of Volume 9 is to continue advancing the field of global leadership primarily by closing the gaps in foundational research.  We are interested in articles that contribute to construct definition clarification, theory development, identification of antecedents, outcome and performance measures, analyses and/or measures of sub-dimensions of the phenomenon, assessment instruments for selection and development purposes, and developmental methods and processes.

In addition to foundational research, we are especially interested in work that seeks synergies between the field of traditional leadership and global leadership.  To date, there has been limited theoretical and empirical cross-fertilization between these fields. Leadership scholars globalized their work primarily via comparative leadership studies that tested leadership theory in different countries; thus, according to Allan Bird, their emphasis has been on ‘little g, big L’ (“global Leadership”).  In contrast, many global leadership scholars started their careers in the field of international management and focused primarily on the global context as the crucible that forged global leaders and their particular competencies; thus, their work has been ‘big G, little l’ in nature (Global leadership). Now that global leadership has a better sense of itself as a field (Osland, Li & Yang, 2014), there is a growing recognition that leadership and global leadership scholars should consider what they might have to offer to enrich each other’s work.

To avoid confusion with the fields of comparative leadership and global management, these topics, of necessity, must adhere to a narrower definition of global leadership and global leaders along these lines:

  • Global Leadership The process of influencing the thinking, attitudes and behaviors of a global community to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goals (Adler, 2001; Festing, 2001)
  • Global Leaders People who inspire followers from multiple cultures to willingly pursue a positive vision in a context characterized by significant levels of complexity, flow and geographical presence (adapted from Mendenhall, Reiche, Bird & Osland, 2012).   

Deadlines and the Submission Process

If you are interested in contributing to Volume 9, please let us know as soon as possible what you have in mind.  Subsequently, email us your manuscript,   meeting these guidelines: a maximum of 45 double-spaced pages (inclusive of figures and references) in MS Word, using APA style.

  • Manuscript submission deadline: 1 March, 2015
  • Notification of accepted chapters:  15 May, 2015
  • Advances in Global Leadership Symposium*:  TBA 
  • Final revisions due:  30 September, 2015
  • Manuscript submission to Emerald November 1, 2015
  • Book release:  Estimated in print in April 2016; online version available earlier

The AGL symposium mentioned above is a “think-tank” conference where topics associated with the call for manuscripts above are discussed in an engaging, creative, and intellectually stimulating environment. More details about this symposium will be forthcoming. While it is not required that those who submit manuscripts attend, it will be highly useful to share ideas, receive feedback about your ideas from a multidisciplinary group of scholars, and to trigger insights about how to make the final version of your manuscript more rigorous and value-added to the field.

We invite you to join us in advancing the field of global leadership.  We can promise that your work will be in good hands.

Joyce Osland, Senior Editor, Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center at San Jose State University, California
Ming Li, Co-editor, Hull University School of Business, Hull, England
Mark Mendenhall, Co-editor,  J. Burton Frierson Chair of Excellence in Business Leadership, The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga