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Understanding the editorial and production process

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Publishing your book with Emerald

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The editing and production process

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Proposal stage

Submit your book proposal and sample chapter to the commissioning editor/publisher commissioning titles in your field.

Your commissioning editor will aim to acknowledge safe receipt of your proposal immediately and will then review your proposal initially, looking at how well it fits with the Emerald list, or the publishing strategy. He/she will be in touch within 2 weeks to give you initial feedback.

All books at Emerald go through a rigorous peer review process (single blind peer review). If your proposal looks to be a good fit for the programme, your editor will commission external peer reviews, aiming to have feedback to you in 4-6 weeks.

You will be invited to respond to the points raised by our external reviewer. Depending on the nature of the review your Emerald editor will then, after editorial board approval, send you details of a contractual offer to publish your book on the list; or will invite you to revise and resubmit the proposal at a later stage once the points raised in the review have been addressed.

Contract stage

Your editor will send you an email outlining the terms of a contract to publish your book with Emerald. This will specify such points as the length of the book (word count), the title, the manuscript delivery date, and the royalty Emerald will pay you. When you have reviewed and are happy with the details we will send you the contract to sign and return to us by email.

Writing stage

When your book has been contracted we will send you full author guidelines with advice on the preparation of your manuscript, our house style and our guide to clearing permission to use third party material. Our editorial team will be in touch with you regularly before your manuscript date to provide you with ongoing support, and to guide you as to what additional material our marketing and production teams need as well as the manuscript itself.

If you require any additional help in preparing your manuscript, such as language editing, copy editing and more, then you can find help on our author services site.

Final review of your manuscript stage

We may commission a final full-manuscript review (ideally from our proposal reviewer) when your manuscript is complete, allowing you to have an additional round of feedback before the book goes into production.

Editorial and production stage

  • When you submit your manuscript and production, permissions and marketing forms, the team will conduct some checks and prepare to pass your book over to the editorial/production team so that copy editing can begin.

  • Our project manager takes charge of your book and prepares it for copyediting. Our copyeditors will make sure that the content is consistent, comprehensible, and free of basic grammatical and spelling errors. Our typesetters then prepare the page proofs and an index based on your list of keywords. Proofs will be issued for you to check and corrections should be kept to a minimum at this stage. A maximum of two rounds of proofs will be permitted.
  • Once your book enters production, we aim to publish it within 6 months (an industry standard timeline allowing time for your book to be promoted through our sales channels). For short-form Emerald Points books where the topic is timely and there are clear market requirements, we will aim to publish in under 12 weeks.
  • The cover design and back cover copy will be briefed to our designer and you will receive a range of cover options based on the information you provide to us in our marketing form. We recognise the importance of a strong cover design for our books. If your book is in a series, its cover will reflect that of the series design.
  • Six months before your book publishes, our marketing and sales colleagues will begin to promote your book.
  • Upon publication you will be sent your free copies of your book as well as ebook access, and our marketing team will give you guidance on how you can help promote your book to the widest audience possible.